QMT Control Panel

GeoAgris generates technical reports of operations and control panels. These panels allow us to evaluate objectibly the quality of work  and are the basis of QMT system used by clients.

Studies are carried out from data saved during operations of:
  • yield monitors
  • sowing monitors
  • onboard computers of:
    • landspray 
    • aircraft spray
    • fertilizers
  •  AgriExplorer system devices already installed on any kind of machinery.
Reports are available 24 hours after data is sent to our labs, including maps and statistic data that is loaded into a control panel which can also be accessed via Internet and allows us to know about:
  • operations evolution (worked surface per plot)
  • labor quality according to presettings of:
    • pre-established over and underdosing 
    • acceptable speed thresholds
    • overlapping tolerance, omitted areas and drifts.
  • operating capacity of machinery and its deviation from planning.
Generated maps are loaded into computers or mobile phones with GPS and are used in the field to check consecuences of excess speed, omissions and deviations of dosis, in the same places where they ocurred.
Our clients use these services in order to optimize and automatize harvesting controls in the field. Moreover, they increase their operating and control capacity over the remaining agricultural labors.