system consists of a device that is installed on any agricultural machinery and automatically transmits data in real time through mobile phone network.

AgriExplorer allow us to know the state of the machinery point by point within the production plot, with a maximum of 5 minute late:
  • working (using products, harvesting, planting, or doing labor)
  • not working
  • paused
  • in movement
The following maps are generated and updated in real time:
  • Worked area covered
  • Working path covered
  • Path while it´s not working
  • Speed at every position covered. 
Displays of these maps are done on Google Earth

 A daily mail is generated with a summery of the following information:
  • Worked hours during the day
  • Worked ha.
  • Worked ha on speed limit.
  • Idle hours (not working)
  • kilometers covered
  • Maximum, minmum, average speed.
AgriExplorer allows warning settings in specific events. Warnings consist of sending e-mails or text messages to mobile phones (sms) according to the following situations:
  • excess on speed threshold
  • excess amount of idle time (not working)
All information is stored on a server and can be accessed through to find out historical statistics on all traffic information and efficiency. :