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5. Field trials

GeoAgris offers logistic assistance, techniques and statistics needed to carry out experimental field trials of high scientific rigor and practical applications. 
We use Precision Agriculture and Geostatistic tools that allow to:
  • locate and design trials to minimize experimental errors caused by the viariability of the environment.
  • automatically gather information, saving time y resources needed.
  • shape spatial patterns in statistical analysis in order to detect significant undetectable differences in traditional methodologies or designs.
  • know about the interaction between crops and different environments in a production plot.

Techniques used in trials have been developed together with important research entities such as the Department of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems, Faculty of Agronomy, UBA, and Environmental Studies Group of the  Applied Mathematics Institute, National University of San Luis.

Among the topics covered, the most important are:

  • efficiency in the use of fertilizers.
  • response to seeding
  • changes in the distance between rows
  • forecasting and subsurface water effect (undergroud layer)

 Experience gained in these trials allows us to know the response of crops in each environment inside the plots and differentiates GeoAgris from many ordinary decision-making models  adjusted to a general use (average).