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GeoAgris performs researches related to productive innovations. Therefore, it interacts with reowned academic institutions, such as the Department of Quantitative Methods and Information System, Agronomy School from the University of Buenos Aires (FAUBA), or the Environmental Sudies Group from Applied Mathematics Institute in San Luis.

GeoAgris has leaded 4 research projects awarded by the National Agency for Promotion of Science and Technology. The developments achieved in these projects are being used among the services the company provides to its customers.
GeoAgris members also participate in academic fields by teaching courses, like GIS course for precision agriculture in the Graduated School of FAUBA. In addition, they manage and perform undergraduate and graduate thesis.
The results of the researches leaded by GeoAgris are published and spread among scientific conferences (AgroInformática , Sociedad Argentina de Informática) or broadcasting agro conferences (AAPRESID, INTA, CREA, among others).