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Vision, Mission and Values


Being the company of highest excellence and relevance in the recruitment, management and spatial analysis of agricultural information. 


To develop and implement innovative spatial information technologies to assist in the management, the knowledgement and decisions that our customers make to increase their profit, sustainability and operating capacity of agricultural production at a national and international level.



We offer services and processes developed with scientific rigor and the highest quality.

We stand because of the quality of our work.

We incorporate to our services  professional consultants with greater knowledge en each specific process.


We incorporate the latest technological advances in information analysis and apply them in a practical way to the productive systems.

We innovate in the services that we offer and also in the internal management of the processes.
Cooperation (with our internal and external clients)

We encourage knowledgement exchange in the work team, with our clients and suppliers, allowing overall improvements of quality.

We cooperate among members of the company, clients and external to achieve the best solutions.


We value the knowledgement acquired by individuals within and outside the organization to encourage its development as a value of self-development.

We are constantly investigating technologies, methodologies and science related to the processes of the company.

We carry out projects about technological innovations which results are incorporated to the processes and services of the company.a empresa.

Sustainable Relationships

We establish sustainable relationships that allow trustfull and long-term interactions.

We combine knowledgement and skills of every member of the company, clients and consultants, achieving more productivity than the sum of the individuals.

We venture into sinergical services which currently are carried out by the company.

Team Work

We value an open comunication and team work..

We value and pay attention to any proposal of the company members which improves quality of work and working environment.

Environmental Responsiblity
Our analysis and technologies that minimize negative impacts of agriculture on ecosytems.